Painless Web

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Painless Web is an Internet-based, 24/7 version of the Painless desktop software. Painless Web provides broad-spectrum access to your Benco Dental account. You can access Painless Web anywhere there's an Internet connection. So if you're out of the office and need something the next day, any Internet-enabled computer can place an order directly to a Benco Dental distribution center.

Convenient features of Painless Web make large orders a breeze. You can still use your barcode scanner to place an order and a color-coded “stock light” will let you know how much stock is in each Benco Dental distribution center.

Painless Web Features

  • Visual aid reports
  • Quick order entry with product numbers
  • CXML compatibility
  • Invoices and MSDS sheets in PDF format
  • Special large account-friendly features
  • Formulary ordering for quick product search
  • Approver/requestor function
  • Color-coded “stock light”