Real Estate and Financing

Real Estate and FinancingFrom practice startups and renovations to buy-ins, equipment purchases and debt consolidation, Benco Dental's partnership with Clarion Solutions provides you with the services of one of the nation's largest real estate financing companies. Clarion Solutions deals solely with the health care industry and understands the unique dynamics of a dental practice.

Clarion SolutionsThanks to a steady access to capital, in 2009 alone Clarion Solutions provided Benco Dental customers with more than $36 million in financing, a 20% increase over 2008. Clarion offers the dental industry its widest range of financing options to match dental professionals with a financing package to suite their specific needs.

Clarion Solutions also partnered with Benco Dental in 2009 as part of Benco Dental's 549 Success Plan. The program designed to guarantee practice growth brought about over 500 doctors who bought new equipment and financed it through Clarion. In total, Benco Dental customers financed over $16 million as part of the program.

The newest addition to the Clarion Solutions package is real estate consulting services, which are designed to identify an ideal location for a new practice prior to facilitating a concise, effective real estate process. Clarion utilizes the same experts who helped propel big box retailers like Best Buy, Target and Home Depot to the top of their respective industries.

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