CenterPoint Design


Benco Dental's CenterPoint Design allows you to choose the level of expert service that suits your needs!

CenterPoint Design Dental: This basic package is a cost effective way to get a set of dental plans for the development of your project. A Benco Dental equipment specialist will serve as a liaison between you and your insite designer. Simply explain your requirements and goals, and they'll draft a plan that meets your exact specifications.

CenterPoint Design Interiors: This package provides you with all the specific pre-construction drawings you need, plus full access to your own personal design team for planning, development, and support during construction.

  • Professional consultations with project manager, mechanical/ electrical/plumbing designer, and interior designer.
  • Design details and specs for carpentry, lighting/electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. Includes interior design finishes for floors, walls, ceilings, and lighting.

CenterPoint Architecture & Engineering: Our comprehensive full service package provides everything you need from beginning to end.

  • Professional consultations with project architect, project designer, mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineers, and interior designers.
  • Design details and specs for carpentry, lighting/electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and interior design.
  • Architectural sealed plans and full set of sealed construction documents and construction administration.



Make your dream practice a reality.