Culture and Philosophy

Benco Dental Associates Build a House in New Orleans 
Benco Dental associates compete in a rib-making competition to benefit the United Way 
Benco Dental associates annually adopt a Head Start class 

Benco Dental employs more than 1,200 dedicated, enthusiastic, caring individuals, helping both the customers we serve and the communities we touch. It starts with our new CenterPoint facility, which qualifies for LEED Silver Certification, a federal program recognizing environmentally conscious companies. The goal for the new facility is to reduce trash waste by 50% and physical server usage by 35%. Benco Dental has also instituted new, fuel-efficient service vans with high-tech GPS routing systems and implemented strict recycling programs for everything from paper, plastic and glass to aluminum, eyeglasses, batteries and cell phones.

Benco Continuous Improvement (BCI) is a division of Benco Dental solely devoted  to improving the company’s processes. Through training seminars, kaizen (Japanese for improvement) events, talent management initiatives and many other programs, BCI works to make Benco Dental a little better each day—for both associates and customers. In 2010, BCI implemented almost 2,000 employee-submitted ideas in addition to completing 120 Kaizen events.

Charitable Efforts

  • Annual donation of 5% of profits to charity
  • United Way
  • National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped
  • Head Start
  • Dentacheques
  • Lean_and_GreenBenco Dental Associate Emergency Fund
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Carbonfund
  • Dental Trade Alliance
  • Global Smile Foundation